How can I remain strong during this pandemic?

The end of the pandemic may be a long way off, but if we treat it seriously, keep our social distance, wash our hands regularly, and look out for each other, we can stop the spread of the virus and reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Whilst we are in this heart wrenching position, to help, we have given you 12 ways in which you can try and keep yourself in the right frame of mind and help you to develop a daily schedule for work and family.

1. Communicate with Social Media Apps

There are a few communication apps that you can either use by laptop of mobile phone (Zoom, Skype, WhattsApp, or even Facetime). This is a great way to keep yourself in communication with your colleagues and active with old friends.

2. Pay attention

The news of the pandemic is constantly changing, so it is always best to keep yourself aware of what is going on, especially in your local community.

3. If you have children, keep them active

Having to juggle work around whilst trying to keep the kids entertained, can be a task. Why not give them books, set a game for them to play or activity tasks during their (at home) school break / lunch times.

4. Search for online games

You can play games online, such as Scrabble that you can play with friends.

5. Personal goals

Take some time to determine what your personal goals are for the next six months - if you want to achieve something, you need to be able to visualise it.

6. Daily exercise

There is a large amount of free online exercise / dance classes you can join – you can also make friends by doing this. You could also look at Google maps and seek nature walks around your local area, but, just make sure you keep to social distancing measures.

7. Cold / Flu medications

If you are feeling run down, have a headache or you feel like you are having cold / flu symptoms, it is always best that you have over the counter medications in your cupboard.

8. Check your finances

Whilst we now have the time, this gives us the perfect opportunity to try and maintain our finances and if we need help, try to look for it.

9. Studying

If there are some qualifications that you have always wanted to do, this is the perfect time to start. By obtaining more credentials, this can then help advance your career.

10. Personal skills

A new skill or hobby can work for your state of mind and also work in your favour if you are applying for jobs. By adding more information to the skills section of your CV, this indicates to hiring managers that you are focused and determined – you could try learning a new language, gardening, chess, guitar, piano, cooking etc.

11. Books

You can keep your imagination active by reading books or newspapers.

12. Movies you want to watch

If you enjoy watching films, make a list of new / not seen films and schedule a little time to sit down and watch one (1 film every other day etc) - It is always best to try and limit the amount of viewing time.

Hopefully you will now be ready and more comfortable with writing daily schedules to include work, home or both - be strong.