Employing during the current pandemic

During the current pandemic effecting the UK, PDR are still working hard to recruit the very best employees for each and every job we take on.

The Coronavirus has sadly had an impact to the job market in the UK and now more then ever, recruiters have a serious part to play.

PDR is a recruitment company that is based in Tunbridge Wells and has all the specifics needed to ensure that we will gather fantastic candidates for every role that we take on. We are still in contact with lots of candidates searching for new employment.

These are the reasons why a company should offer employment now:

More talent available

There have unfortunately been high numbers of redundancies, with entire companies having to close, so naturally there is more active quality talent than ever on the market.

Competitors uncertainty

Right now, employees will be looking to their employers for guidance, support and stability and those who fail to deliver are at risk of losing their top talent to businesses that are stepping up, expanding or acting positively.

Talent are easier to reach

With many people working from home, PDR have the opportunity to make the recruitment processes smoother and quicker for our clients. Embracing video technology means that we can conduct face-to-face meetings with candidates and ensure that they meet the profile and qualifying points in their job description.

Don't rule out quality from far away

As some locations face a proportionately higher impact, we have seen a trend in candidates looking to relocate and industries wanting to experience a quicker recovery (move away from urban areas), this would mean that clients would have a new talent pool entering a market near them soon.

In short, not only will hiring during this period give you access to a large amount of candidates and the chance to showcase your endurance during tough times, but you will also be supporting your sector by keeping processes moving and help to reduce the impact on the economy.